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Ms.  Donna  Barron
Instructional Coach
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Donna Barron, Reading Specialist

Phone: 585-3679 ext. 2005

Ideas for Parents to Promote Reading at Home: 

1.     Read aloud to your child or let them read to you daily for 15 minutes. 

2.     When you read aloud to your child, let them hear the excitement in your voice. 

3.     Some ideas for reading at home might be:

       · Have you child read their Accelerated Reader book to you.

       · Ask your child to read a recipe as you make a cake, casserole, etc.

       · Ask an older child to read to a younger child.

       · Take turns reading with your child.

       · Invite family members to bring a favorite book to the dinner table once a week and read a

         favorite section.

4.   Help reluctant readers get into the reading habit.

       · Match your child's interests. If they like sports, let them read magazines or books about a                  favorite athlete.  If they like animals, then have them read books or magazines about their              favorite animals.

       · Have several books that may appeal to your child.

       · Some humor books can make even the most reluctant reader see that reading can be fun.

 5.   Help your child understand what he/she is reading.

       · Discuss new words with your child.

       · Look for clues to tell what the story will be about.

       · Reread the story with your child several times.

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 Donna Barron

 Reading Specialist