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AES Scantron Weekly Test Schedule
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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Week 2

Monday, August 27th:  5th Grade Reading and 6th Grade Make Up Testing

Tuesday, August 28th:  3rd Grade Reading

Wednesday, August 29th:  6th Grade Math and 5th Grade Make Up Testing

Thursday, August 30th:  4th Grade Math and 3rd-6th Grades Make Up Testing



Week 3


Monday, September 3rd:  LABOR DAY HOLIDAY (School Closed)


Tuesday, September 4th:  1st/2nd Grades Reading


Wednesday, September 5th5th Grade Math and 3rd/4th/6th Grades Make Up Testing


Thursday, September 6th:  Kindergarten Reading 

Friday, September 7th:  1st/2nd Grades Reading and 3rd-6th Grades Make Up Testing




Week 1


Monday, August 20th:  5th Grade Science


Tuesday, August 21st:  6th Grade Reading


Wednesday, August 22nd:  4th Grade Reading


Thursday, August 23rd: 2nd Grade Math


Friday, August 24th: 3rd -6th Math Make Up Testing and 1st Grade Math



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