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Welcome to Our Lunch Room

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2019-2020 Henry County Schools Meal Prices


Student Meals (Abbeville Elementary)

Breakfast/Lunch-All Students Free


Note:  Plain & Flavored Milk is available with all meals. A variety of juices are available with breakfast. Water is available for $0.75.

Employee Meal Prices

Breakfast   $1.75   

Lunch $2.90


Visitor Meal Prices

Breakfast $2.25    

Lunch $3.50

*Menus are subject to change without notice.*

2019-2020 Lunch Schedule

Fifth Grade:   10:45 am

Fourth Grade:   10:50 am

Thrower:  11:00 am

PreK:   11:06 am

First Grade:   11:12 am

Third Grade:   11:23 am

Second Grade:  11:40 am

Kindergarten:   11:55 am

Sixth Grade:  12:09 pm